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Monday, 21 November 2011

My vote for Android's Killer App goes to Auto Task, read what it will do for you!

Auto Task, for me, is one of the most useful apps on my Andoid smartphone.

It is a program that changes how your phone rings at certain times of the day. When you are in meetings, on a plane, or even in a restaurant.

The application works with Google Calendar or your company's Outlook through Microsoft Exchange.

For example, if, in your calendar's To: field you add a keyword which you have programmed in Auto Task, the App will pick up your instructions for the time you put in your Calendar for the start time and the stop time period.

The best way to show this is with an example.
I have a keyword added called "meeting". Under the keyweord I tell the phone to send an SMS to my office asking my secretary not to contact me during the time of the meeting. She should already know about the meeting but it is a handy reminder.

I then tell the App to mute my phone but allow the vibrate action to operate between those times. I then tell it to mute and no vibrate for media (notifications) between these times. However, if - in the meeting - I need to allow a call from a certain colleague to get through I can add their name to the whitelist.

Then I can have it send a text to whoever may call during the meeting period stating I am in a meeting but will contact them later. The system adds a line giving the time the meeting is scheduled to end.

There are two other options. I also have a keyword called "flight" and apart from using any of the above during the time of the flight, I can arrange for the phone to go into "flight mode" for the duration of the flight. Handy in case you forget!

The other option is "Location". Here you can arrange the phone to text your location when you leave the office, when you leave and arrive, or every 5, 10 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Handy if you are going on a long journey and your partner can see how you are progressing.

As far as I am aware, this App is only available on the Android phone, please comment if you know different.

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