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Saturday, 26 November 2011

What are the worse WMDs? Easy, these are the weapons of mass deception ! -- [Long]

I came upon this page, in an interesting website that copes with a lot of other matters, including a page on how the ordinary citizen can retaliate against these powerful families. However, there are some distasteful items there and the people who wrote it were total believers of conspiracy theories.

I don't want to give a link publicly but will give a link if anyone writes privately to my email address you can find on the blog. I will add a small part of how you can retaliate at the end of the article. I have edited about 1% of the article, correcting grammar and spelling from the American idiom and removed some of the things which are over the top.

My advice is, there is a lot of truth here but take a lot of it with a pinch of salt.

Read on and enjoy...

Towards the end you will read about the "Committee of 300" - This is what Wikipedia has to say about them
The Committee of 300 aka The Olympians is a group allegedly founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. It is alleged to be an international council which organizes politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts. The figure of 300 is derived from the 1909 article Geschäftlicher Nachwuchs by Walter Rathenau.

Former British MI6 Intelligence Officer Dr. John Coleman's book "The Conspirators Hierarchy, the Committee of 300" alleges first hand information and encounters with this group by the author.

Possibly known also as the "Hidden Hand", headed up by the Rothschild family of international financiers and based loosely around many of the top National Banking institutions and Royal Families of the world.

Coleman claims the alleged group to be superior to other more well-known round table groups such as the Bilderberg Group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

The book is translated into German and Russian.

1. The Weapon of Mass Deception.
In the 1950's a weapon was invented, which has become more powerful than America's deadliest weapons of mass destruction. It is the weapon of mass deception. And it is right in our own living-rooms. The hypnotizing world of picture television brings us the news of the world through two central news agencies called Reuters and the Associated Press. The Rothschilds bought Reuters in the 1800's, which later bought the Associated Press and made the Rothschild family owners of the world's largest central news services. To the present day, the world depends on these Rothschild owned central news services as their main source of news and information.

In his book called Who Owns the TV Networks, author Eustace Mullins claims that the major TV networks, radio stations, newspapers and publishing empires are controlled by the Rothschild, Rockefeller and J P Morgan money cartels through their corporate conglomerates.

Control over the internet, publishing, recording and cable companies can be traced back to the same big 5 media empires: General Electric, Time Warner, Viacom, Disney and Newscorp. These media companies are owned directly or indirectly by the Rothschild, J P Morgan, Rockefeller and Oppenheimer brotherhood.

Yes, there are now more stations and media voices, but they are all coming from the same ventriloquist.

Every TV show needs corporate sponsors and corporate sponsors sponsor pro-business, pro-government programming and journalists who support the agenda of the big five media owners. While 2/3rds of the world goes hungry, these ruling families offer multi-million dollar sponsorship to sports athletes. Why? Because they keep the masses distracted from the important issues like the passage of the various anti-terrorists acts to limit your civil rights and freedoms.

In America, the Patriot Act allows the government to come into your home, take things from your home, search your home and never tell you about it. How long will it be before we all suffer under a Patriot Act?

The media and banking monopolists now have the power to make or break political leaders around the globe.

So how can you protect yourself? Be as aware and selective about the food you feed your brain as you are about the food you feed your body. Turning-off the idiot box is your best option. It will free up your time to help free the earth from the stranglehold of the global thieves. Be conscious of their agenda. Whatever message they are delivering, believe the opposite.

Film and television puts viewers in a relaxed and suggestible alpha and theta state. Alpha-theta states are the same states that hypnotherapists induce in their patients to access their subconscious mind.

2. The Illusion of Freedom of the Press and who it really serves.
Although the media creates the illusion of freedom of the press, the dominant opinion and message always serves the International Bankers' agenda. Messages like: Support your troops, or you are a traitor to your country. But who are the troops? Many are teenagers whose childhood entertainment was shooting out the blood and guts of virtual people in places that are virtually real. Now they are blowing up real people in real places, like schools, hospitals and villages filled with families and children.

The chilling reality is that up to 15% of the tax money deducted from your salary each month, buys the bombs and pays the salaries of troops to commit these atrocities. Rivers of blood from innocent families and their children is on everybody's hands.

The plan for world domination by the international bankers, cannot be accomplished without your co-operation. The first part, the EU may be suffering a setback with the currency, but they won'g give up. That plan which was formulated in 1773, at Mayer Rothschild's goldsmiths shop by 13 influential German Jewish families. Among them were Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Warburg and Schiff. Their formula for global control is the 3-M formula. Money control, media control and military control.

Like the changes to the rules that gave these families the media monopolies, new laws are being passed to transfer military control to them by privatizing the military.

But if they are killing terrorists, who cares if they are government soldiers or corporate soldiers, right? A more important question to ask is who exactly are the terrorists and where do terrorists get their training? The answer is right in America, at Fort Benning, Georgia. Until January 2001, America's terrorist training school, was called school of the Americas. But because of massive protests against its activities, the name was changed to WHISC Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.

Actress Susan Sarendon narrated a documentary film called School of the Assassins. The film exposes the school as a terrorist training camp, whose graduates are well known murderers, torturers, state terrorists and dictators, including drug king Manuel Noriega. The role of terrorists in the banker owned media is to scare the living tax money out of citizens, and timing is everything.

On the second anniversary of the 911 attack on the World Trade Center, George Bush asked for an 87 billion dollar increase in military spending. At the same time, the media released a dramatic video showing Osama bin Laden, alive and well, and threatening to make the 911 attack seem like preliminaries.

3. The International Drug Trade and the Promotion of Recreational Drug Use in the West.
How much do we really know about Osama bin Laden? Multi-millionaire Osama bin Laden was the 17th. of 52 children, fathered by a wealthy construction baron named Mohammed bin Laden, who had close ties to the Saudi royal family, and the Bush family. In 1979, the American CIA and Pakistan's ISI financed an anti-Soviet group in Afghanistan and provoked a profitable 10 year war with Russia. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, the CIA hired Osama bin Laden to recruit and train Al Quaeda fighters to fight the Russian army.

But what was the fight really all about? Not carrots or potatoes. It was about poppies. Endless fields of Opium poppies that provide over 70% of the world's heroin supply to heroin addicts world wide.

The international drug trade began in 1606 when Queen Elizabeth I built England's wealth by trafficking illegal Opium from India to China.

She owned the British East India Shipping Company, and profited handsomely not just from drug trafficking, but from trafficking African slaves with her slave trader John Hawkins.

Queen Elizabeth I knighted her slave trader with the noble title of sir John Hawkins. By 1830, the British had distanced themselves from dope dealing by granting Opium monopoly rights to the Sassoon family, who became known as the Rothschild's of the Far East. As an agent for the Crown, David Sassoon shared his dope profits with Queen Victoria.

The British East India Company built a major factory to process the Opium at Gauzzaport. It is still a lucrative earner for the Indian government, which sells Opiates to the world's pharmaceutical industry.

When the Chinese banned Opium and destroyed 600 chest loads of the addictive drug, Sassoon and the British retaliated.

With huge profits at stake, the British retaliated with the Opium wars of 1843 and 1858.

Sassoon and the British forced drug addiction onto an entire nation, stole the island of Hong Kong and made Hong Kong the capitol of international drug trade.

In 1872, Queen Victoria knighted David Sassoon's son Albert Sassoon, who spread the illegal Opium trade throughout China and Japan. In 1887 Sir Albert Sassoon married Aline Caroline Rothschild and joined the fortunes of the Sassoon drug cartel with the Rothschild money cartel.

Today, its business as usual for the descendants of the Sassoon and Rothschild families, who socialize with Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, as elite members of Britain's inner power circle. Many have been granted royal titles like Sir,  Baron and Marquis. But their many victims aren't fooled by the crowns, the titles and the tuxedos. They have very different titles for them. Titles like liars, thieves, dope dealers and mass murderers for the Crown.

On the other side of the Atlantic, a member of the same Opium smuggling syndicate, Samuel Russell, founded Yale University's Skull and Bones brotherhood with drug money. Exclusive members were financed into political power positions in the CIA, the US Supreme Court and the White House.

When Skull and Bones man George Bush senior became CIA director in the 1980s, the CIA recruited Osama bin Laden to train Mujahhadeen fighters in Afghanistan. The job of Osama's trainees was not just to fight the Russian communists; it was to run Afghanistan's multi-billion dollar Opium trade.

Heroin, manufactured from Afghan Opium supplies 250 to 300 billion dollars annually to Wall Street and the international bankers.

Authors Alfred McCoy and Michael Levine tied the CIA to this drug alliance and received national attention when the CIA tried to suppress their books.

But how was the Heroin smuggled into the United States. One of America's most gruesome secrets is that Heroin was smuggled into US during the Vietnam War by hiding it inside body-bags of dead soldiers.

By the end of the 1960s a third of US soldiers in Vietnam and close to a million US citizens were hooked on Heroin. Drugs like LSD, Mescaline, Marijuana and Hashish also swamped the streets and college campuses of America.

Who or what turned America's youth onto these illegal drugs? Celebrity anti-war activists like Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Alan Ginsburg and Bertrand Russell sold America's youth on acid rock, tripping out and one world government. Their financing came from Warburg bankers and the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS).

Over 100 million doses of LSD that hit the streets of America were purchased by Timothy Leary and Allan Dulles through S. G. Warburg's Sandoz A B pharmaceutical company in Switzerland.

Free sample sized packages of acid were handed out not only on college campuses, but at rock concerts where musicians persuaded millions of fans to get high.

Critics of the drug culture blamed parents, teachers, law enforcement and everybody except the people behind it all. Namely the Rothschild Warburg bankers and their committee of 300 insiders.

According to Dr. John Coleman, who wrote the story of the committee of 300, the Beatles rock group were brought to America by the Tavistock Institute. Tavistock launched the drug culture revolution in America to popularize and normalize social drug use.

Through their record companies and advertising monopolies, the bankers packaged and financed their celebrity salesmen to anesthetize, addict and enslave billions of people world wide with dependencies on both prescription and non prescription, legal and illegal drugs.

Those drugs range from alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, to Prozac, Viagra, crack-Cocaine and Heroin.

Like the phony war on terrorism, the phony war on drugs is a cat and mouse game, being fought with one hand and fed with the other.

The peace symbol adopted by the drug culture/flower children of the 60s was designed by Gerald Holton, who was commissioned by one world government salesman Bertrand Russell. The symbol was never designed as a symbol of peace. But as a symbol of death. It is actually a cross turned upside-down with the arms broken, and is used by Satanists and in druid witch-craft.

In Germany, the symbol is known as the death rune, and is found on tomb stones of Hitler's Nazi SS officers.

The Three Biggest Fears of the Ruling Families.
Only 1% of the world's population of over 6 billion people, is controlling the other 99%. That 1% owns the world's banks and most of the world's wealth, land and resources. 

So why does everybody accept and passively co-operating with this injustice?

Because the wealthy 1% who make the rules, have taught the other 99% to obey them and to feel powerless to change things. When people feel powerless, they cling to passive attitudes. Like "ignorance is bliss", "things are not that bad", or "let God take care of everything". Before choosing a passive attitude, remember that "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing."

Despite all the red flags, many people deny that a problem even exists. It does exist, and the good news is there are solutions.

The solutions lie in knowing what the three biggest fears of the ruling families are.

The first biggest fear is exposure. They have gone to great lengths to cover up their trail of crimes and to win the public's trust, through their media monopolies. Without public trust, their ancestral plan for global control is doomed.

Their second biggest fear is losing public support. If the public stops co-operating, their plan it guaranteed to fail.

Their third biggest fear is organized resistance, by an informed and fearless public.

The ruling families know from past experience that the will of the people can defeat all their military and monetary might. Vietnam was a perfect example. There is no doubt that these ruling families can be totally defeated by turning their three worst fears into a reality. 

Now read about nine solutions to help you beat them at their own game!

Solution No. 1 is exposing the ruling families and their generations of horrific crimes against humanity. The most powerful form of advertising is world of mouth. Share information, talk about it, name names, recommend books, videos and websites. Form your own study group and solutions group. Share websites and books, show videos, films and DVDs. Raise money, give money, organize, lobby, email and do whatever you can to stop the madness.

Millions of people around the world who protested the invasion of Iraq, learned a hard lesson. They learned that peaceful protests don't work. Since the committee of 300 created think-tanks to mastermind the plan for global control, citizens must also create think-tanks to mastermind the plan to stop them.

Learn who the past and present members of the Committee of 300 are. At the top of the list are the royal families of Britain and Denmark. The international banking families and the affiliated political families. Find time to research and read about the Committee of 300. Dig beneath the hype and propaganda and share your information.

Solution No. 2 is to take back control of your own money. Right now your money is in the hands of the ruling families who own all of the world's banks, including the privatized Central Banks. How did they get to be so powerful? It started with the very first banks. In the beginning banks were a safe place for people to store their gold. When the bankers discovered that people left most of their gold in the bank for safe keeping, they started lending-out the gold that didn't belong to them and charging usury/interest on it.

Soon, kings and royalty were borrowing gold from the bankers to finance wars. Since wars were extremely good for business, the bankers started stirring up conflicts that lead to more wars. Then they lent money out to both sides of the wars and collected huge interest rates.

Eventually the bankers got so rich that they built banks all over the world. They made millions in interest just by loaning out other people's money that didn't belong to them. They bought mansions and fancy clothes and hosted extravagant parties. The royal families of Europe became the bankers' biggest customers, who rewarded them with high-society titles, like lord and baron and sir.

So, what can you do to take control over your money, before the bankers take control over the world's money system? Withdraw your money from their banks.

By putting your money into their banks, you are enriching and empowering them with control over your money and eventually over your life.

Cut up your credit and debit cards. Pay only with cash or money order. Start buying gold, silver and perhaps platinum.

People are under the illusion that their money is safe in the banks and that the bankers are honest. The truth is, the money you put in their banks isn't really there. Although there hasn't been a global economic crash since the 1930s, another crash could happen at any time, and without warning.

Economic crashes don't just happen, they are made to happen. Economic booms and busts are controlled by how much money the bankers put in circulation, through their loans and interest rates. 

In America, people believe that Allan Greenspan who announces US interest rates, works for the Fed and that the Fed is a part of the US government. The Fed is not part of the US government, the Fed is the privately owned US Federal Reserve Banks, which are owned and controlled by the international bankers. Every day the bankers move trillions of dollars around the world's banking and financial markets. They decide if the markets go up or down, soar or crash.

But why in the world would they want to crash the markets? To destroy people's confidence in the money system and create a dependent cashless society.

According to the plan written by Adam Weishaupt and Albert Pike, the ruling class will bankrupt the middle class and repossess their private property. They will reinstate the military draft and continue disarming nations, until there is no-one left to disarm. They will make it illegal to possess a fire-arm or any other weapon that can be used to resist them.

When the crash does come, they will blame it on the phony war on terror, which they control and finance on both sides.

So what else can you do to take control over your own money? Take all of your money out of the rigged stock-markets and money-markets. Cash-in your treasury bills, bonds, and retirement savings plans. Most of the retirement funds have already been looted. And, as mentioned above, trade-in your paper money for something of real value like gold, silver and precious metals and stones.

So where can you put your personal valuables, besides the bank? In a personal safe, or a very good hiding place.

It will prove to be much safer than the bank. Its not the neighbourhood thieves you have to worry about. It's the global thieves. By keeping your hard earned money and valuables out of the banks and stock-market, you are depriving the bankers of money for their wars, weapons and mass murder. You are taking back control of your own money. You know where it is and it is available when you need it. No interest, no service charges, no bank machines.

Some community groups are creating their own system of money and buying and selling goods and services from each-other, tax free. This type of money works great. So do I.O.U.'s and the barter system.

When the crash does come, the banks and all the money markets will be closed for business. If and when they re-open again, your investments will be worth next to nothing and your paper money will get you only 10p in the pound.

Solution No. 3 is to refuse to fight the bankers murderous wars and to stop supporting others who fight their wars. One of our favourite slogans is "support your troops" which means support them no matter what. Even if the war is a lie. Even if innocent families overseas are being bombed, murdered and crippled with your tax money. Even if your tax money is paying teenagers in uniform to die by their thousands; to die for the lie.

The majority of recruited solders are naive, duped, unemployed teenagers who are romanced into believing they are heroes fighting for freedom. But what they are really fighting for is the wealthy ruling families who are systematically disarming the world of all weapons of resistance to their global empire.

Solution no. 4 is to stop voting. Most nations have two main political parties, which means there are only two candidates for the top job. One is the candidate for the very rich and the other is the candidate for the even richer. Both candidates are sponsored by the lobby groups of the ruling families.

Many voters feel a need to vote for the lesser of the two evils. But they are still voting for evil and supporting a corrupt electoral system.

When you cast a vote, you are forfeiting your personal freedom and power of self-determination and giving politicians permission to run your life and make your decisions for you. By not voting, you are denying any person or group any power over you.

Solution 5 is to buy small and think big. Stop shopping at corporate super-stores like Wallmart, Marks & Spencer or corporate grocery chains, many of which are owned by the ruling families and their affiliates. Buy from small businesses and farmer's markets.

Grow your own natural food. The bankers have been genetically modifying and patenting the food you eat, the seeds you need for growing the food, as well as animal DNA. Corporate farming that supplies meat to corporate super-stores subjects animals to painful, inhumane crowding, filth, cruelty and abuse.
Solution 6 is to be careful about donating to major charities. Most of it pays administration fees. The ruling families have set-up big charities and foundations to create a friendly, charitable image of themselves and to cover-up their real agenda. Big charities serve as a hiding place to launder dirty money from the drugs and weapons trade. 

Solution 7 has been removed as being "over the top".

Solution 8 is to refuse to recognize the illegitimate claims of the royal families to your nation's water, land, resources, railways, airlines, power companies, health plans and other publicly held assets that they have been busy privatizing while you have been sleeping.

The ruling families have been stealing your nation's land and resources through corporate privatization, which means they have been buying up your nation's publicly owned property, and where is it all leading? To an eternal world empire in which the power of the ruling families can never be challenged and the earth and all living things will be owned by them and will be helplessly at their mercy.

Solution 9 is to name names. Focus the blame where it belongs on the ruling families. Not on their faceless corporations. Corporations like Enron, Worldcom, Meryl Lynch and Haliburton are owned by real people with real names and real faces.

The general public is deceived into believing that ordinary people who invest and buy shares in these giant corporations actually own them. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only shares that really matter are the class A shares. All of which are owned by the ruling families. 

Solution 10 is to reject the propaganda that keeps you passive. Since the ruling families view religion as the opiate of the masses, they provide funding for organized religion world-wide. 

--- END ---

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