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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The real reason why we are ruled by shoddy politicians - who are trying to keep it a secret!

Let him that would move the world
first move himself.



If you spend your leisure hours in front of television and at the pub, then you are going to continue to get the three stooges ruling you.

Wake up, look around you. The Conservatives, and the Socialists, over the last fifty years, have been grinding you into the dust. The Conservatives are secretly happy with the LibDems as they are enabling the speeding up of our demise.

The Labourites and the Tories, at the helm of their parties are seemingly singing from the same Hymn sheet.

There must be a better way. But as long as you sit, mesmerised, in front of the box, nothing is going to happen.

If you watch the news, and newsnight and any of the other political programmes, you are not helping, merely being brainwashed, and lured into doing nothing.

We must all be a temporary Egyptian
as this is the only way we can get our freedom from the iron fists that rule us and are driving our wealth and savings into the ground.

Or, you could try voting for one of the smaller parties, Heaven knows, there are quite a few of them.

Did you take into account that the 100 wealthiest people in Britain saw their wealth increase by an average of 30%?

Please disregard my message if your wealth increased by 30% in the last yea! And when you do this, remember "Quantitative Easing" decreases the value of your savings and increases the cost of our imports.


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