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Saturday, 1 October 2011

There are occasions when I lie like a trouper, and you should too.

For years, I gave been giving out the details of a false persona that I have drawn up. False date of birth, false background, and a lot of other false information.

There are companies all over Britain, and probably the security services who access commercial data, who have a totally false picture of me.

When do I lie like a trouper?

When Internet websites demand information from me before I can go to the next page. You know what I mean, there are so many websites that insist on having this information!

So give them what they ask for, but make sure it is from your false persona.

And, although, in general, I am a truthful person, I don't have one twinge of guilt giving them this false information.

This is one reason why I don't fear someone stealing my identity as it is a false identity - certainly not mine.

I give my real name but that is all.


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