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Friday, 28 October 2011

Some poetry for the masses - we're going highbrow!

Meanwhile, with regard to our own Parliament, I was put in mind of Shelley’s words in his poem,

Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair (Words below)
Land of Hope and Glory
Shafted by MP’s
How can we extoll thee
Brought down to thy knees?

Stabbed by selfish traitors
Bled by venal men
Handed to foreign tyrants
Condemned by stroke of pen

Once we stood proud and mighty
Envy of the world
Reduced to vassal status
Betrayed by cowardly churls

We shall rise again, one day
And on that day, beware
Of lamp posts and strong wire
There’ll be plenty to spare

Your sins you shall pay for
Your guilt shall be proved
We shall have our justice
We shall not be moved

Contributed by Captain Haddock on the Max Farquar blog.

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