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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Mail publishes a 'Knox Guilty verdict' with made up quotes

Max Farquar has a lovely scoop on the Daily Mail.

Here it is, but if you follow the link to the Mail Online you will see the lionk has been removed. But don't worry, Max has the full story on his website and I have added a link to his site after the following:

Daily Mail Knox Fail In Full

Here’s a full screengrab of that Daily Mail ‘Amanda Knox Guilty story’. Oops! Looks like they were a tad hasty in publishing that to their online website then.
And note the picture caption (circled in the screengrab below) …. ‘media scum‘? Don’t they mean media scrum? Oh, maybe not … because look at these quotes from the article, that they claim the prosecution team made as soon as the ‘guilty’ verdict was announced:
Prosecutors were delighted with the verdict and said “Justice has been done” although they said on a “human factor it was sad two young people would be spending years in jail
Only, Amanda Knox wasn’t guilty, was she. Therefore the prosecution can’t possibly have issued those quotes. What’s that you say? The Daily Mail must have made the quotes up?
No. Surely not.
The MSM don’t just make things up …. do they ;-)
Max has, knowing it would be removed, copied the entire article, with copious photographs, to his blog so that the world can know how the Mail, and other newspapers, make up quotes. I have to admit, as newspaper editor of the Finchley Arrow, I can assure you we would never be so irresponsible.

You can find all this on Max's webpage.


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