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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Google and Samsung sharing an Icecream Sandwich.

Watch the video below, but bookmark it for when you have 57 minutes to spare. It is all about "Ice-cream Sandwich" Googles new Android version 4 - now combining phone and tablet.

The video is the press announcement in Hong Kong for the new Google Samsung Nexus, which is due out in November (2011). However I have decided to wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S III (Mid-2012) as it will be more advanced - for example, the camera is 10MegaPixels instead of five.

But even so, this is truly an amazing camera - iPhone users, eat your heart out.

One of the nice things are transferability. If you have a photo or email, or in fact most things on your screen, and you touch your Android4 phone with someone else's Android4 phone and click the screen, it will transfer to the other phone. If an app, it will open up the marketplace on the other phone with the app page visible.


Now watch the video but remember, it's 57 minutes.

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