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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Google and Samsung sharing an Icecream Sandwich.

Watch the video below, but bookmark it for when you have 57 minutes to spare. It is all about "Ice-cream Sandwich" Googles new Android version 4 - now combining phone and tablet.

The video is the press announcement in Hong Kong for the new Google Samsung Nexus, which is due out in November (2011). However I have decided to wait for the new Samsung Galaxy S III (Mid-2012) as it will be more advanced - for example, the camera is 10MegaPixels instead of five.

But even so, this is truly an amazing camera - iPhone users, eat your heart out.

One of the nice things are transferability. If you have a photo or email, or in fact most things on your screen, and you touch your Android4 phone with someone else's Android4 phone and click the screen, it will transfer to the other phone. If an app, it will open up the marketplace on the other phone with the app page visible.


Now watch the video but remember, it's 57 minutes.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Samsung overtakes Apple in smartphone market

I recently blogged that Samsung sales of phones in 2010 left Apple standing. This, of course referred to all phones, not just smartphones.

But now we learn that Samsung sell more smartphones now than Apple.

My contract comes to an end next April and I, for one, will move over to a Samsung Galaxy 3 phone which is due to be on the Shelves next February.

Read the article in City A.M. below.

Some poetry for the masses - we're going highbrow!

Meanwhile, with regard to our own Parliament, I was put in mind of Shelley’s words in his poem,

Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair (Words below)

"Secure Boot ON" may stop computers loading linux

Microsoft is trying to make it almost impossibleto load Ubuntu on your PC in the future, and to only load Microsoft approved software.

Fortunately, Canonical and Red Hat are working with the BIOS manufacturers to allow users to add their own "approved software" list so you can add Ubuntu.

I append an article on the Canonical blog but am still unsure if you will be able to turn "Secure boot OFF" so you can load Ubuntu if some BIOS manufacturers dont allow the user to add their own "approved software" list.

As I am not sure whether I have my facts 100% correct, I show below the full contents of the Canonical article complete with links to various other sites..

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A solution to decrease the unemployed - especially the youth.

Although I agree with the idea of making it easier to fire people, I know a lot of socialists will hate the idea, so here is a suggestion:

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

We can copy the EU, another EU referendum petition

Why not? The EU would understand the method of keeping sending a petition for a vote until we win. Fill in your details below:

Another of Cathy's newsletters from Zimbabwe which might make you ashamed.

Cathy's newsletter from Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle is writing from Zimbabwe, her letter is below. The bold paragraph in italics has been added by me especially for Brits to take note. It makes me ashamed, does it you?

Dear Family and Friends,
Its been one of those weeks where we’ve been shaking our heads in disbelief all the time. A week of ship captains, torturers, deported pensioners and watching TV in the dark.

First came the interview with Zanu PF’s Patrick Chinamasa by the Independent newspaper. Asked if the 87 year old Mr Mugabe would be the party’s presidential candidate in the next election, Chinamasa said:

“We will put our best foot forward and President Mugabe is our best foot. We can’t change the captain in the midst of a storm.”

Ampers' Humour: Pondering the value of exercise.

As I was lying in bed pondering the problems of the world, I rapidly realized that I don't really give a rat's ass. It's the tortoise life for me! 

How did your MP vote in last nights EU Referendum debate?

How the MPs voted in the EU Referendum debate yesterday (24 Oct 2011)
Here is a full list of how your MPs voted, the Ayes are first and the Nays follow on, suitably marked.
Make a note and if you are upset in any way, decide how to vote at the next election. 
Remember two very pertinent sayings:
1.: If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got. This can be translated to: If you vote how you have always voted, you will get the policies that you have always got.
2. In a democracy, the people always get the government they deserve.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mark Shuttleworth, leader of Ubuntu Linux, gives his views on 12.04 LTS

Mark Shuttleworth created a computer garage in Welkom, in the Orange Free State - South Africa after University and sold it to Verisign when he reached 24 for US$ 580,000,000. He was the first man from Africa in space when he purchased a ticket from the Russians and spent eight days researching AIDS on their space station.

As we say in South Africa, Mark is a "smart cookie" but then we can see that by the advancement of Ubuntu. I have highlighted one bit below (yellow type on a purple background to make it stand out - here you will see that Ubuntu has a customer with over half a million desktops.
The title below is a link to his article so you can check that I haven't changed anything, but then, would I?

Ampers' Humour - Microsoft's Bulmer mocks the Android phone

This link says it all - I nearly burst a gut laughing at it.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Liam Fox, useless politicians and the Libertarian Alliance.

This post is excellent and is from Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance. Although I have added a link, I have reproduced it in full. However you may well want to go and bookmark his website, or add to your RSS feed. Story here.
Free Life Commentary,
A Personal View from
The Director of the Libertarian Alliance
Issue Number 213

17th October 2011 

Liam Fox:
Another Zombie Falls off the Roof
by Sean Gabb

It is, I think, a year since I last wrote anything about British politics. This is not because I have been idle. During the past twelve months, I have written or published eight books. Three of these have been substantial novels, and two of the novels are overtly libertarian. This alone might absolve me from my duty, as Director of the Libertarian Alliance, to give a running commentary on the issues of the day. But the real cause is that I am, for the moment, tired of watching how this country is governed. I feel less inclined to denounce than simply to look away.

Friday, 14 October 2011

South African humour, so simple and oh! so true!

I have discovered a new website called Faceless in South Africa and whoever designs the cartoons is a very funny person. Here is a sample:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

2010: Who sold the most mobile phones? I think this may come as a surprise!

According to MobileBurn, the follow figues explain all.

Nokia shipped 453 million phones in all of 2010 and had a 32.6 percent market share for the year. Samsung shipped 280 million units in 2010 and maintained a 20.2 percent share for the year, and was trailed by LG (116.7 million units, 8.4 percent market share), ZTE (51.8 million units, 3.7 percent market share), and Apple (47.4 million units shipped, 3.4 percent market share).

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Teaching the young what politics are really about.

From Max Farquar

A good political semi rock number hoping to encourage the younger amongst us wake up to the political machinations going on in our name.

Monday, 10 October 2011

I am please Edwina was first out in Strictly Come Dancing

It's really not my type of programwe but my wife watches it and I have to admit, I am amazed at the quality of the band's singers. They are really top class and I am always amazed at how well they imitate the original singers at times.

However, We are talking about Currie.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Mail publishes a 'Knox Guilty verdict' with made up quotes

Max Farquar has a lovely scoop on the Daily Mail.

Here it is, but if you follow the link to the Mail Online you will see the lionk has been removed. But don't worry, Max has the full story on his website and I have added a link to his site after the following:

Daily Mail Knox Fail In Full

Here’s a full screengrab of that Daily Mail ‘Amanda Knox Guilty story’. Oops! Looks like they were a tad hasty in publishing that to their online website then.
And note the picture caption (circled in the screengrab below) …. ‘media scum‘? Don’t they mean media scrum? Oh, maybe not … because look at these quotes from the article, that they claim the prosecution team made as soon as the ‘guilty’ verdict was announced:
Prosecutors were delighted with the verdict and said “Justice has been done” although they said on a “human factor it was sad two young people would be spending years in jail

Sunday, 2 October 2011

A different version of the Conservative Party conference advertisement!

This was redrawn in Photoshop by Max Farquar and has had me in stitches, see for yourself :-)

This ex-soldier would follow this man to hell and back!

There is a soldier in England who, if we were in the army at the same time, I would willingly follow to hell and back. This was an exceptional speech and George Bush had it framed at hung in the Oval Office.

Here is his address to his troops on the eve of battle

Saturday, 1 October 2011

There are occasions when I lie like a trouper, and you should too.

For years, I gave been giving out the details of a false persona that I have drawn up. False date of birth, false background, and a lot of other false information.

There are companies all over Britain, and probably the security services who access commercial data, who have a totally false picture of me.

When do I lie like a trouper?

12 Shocking Quotes From Insiders About The Horrific Economic Crisis That Is Almost Here

"We are getting so close to a financial collapse in Europe that you can almost hear the debt bubbles popping.  All across the western world, governments and major banks are rapidly becoming insolvent.  So far, the powers that be are keeping all of the balls in the air by throwing around lots of bailout money.  But now the political will for more bailouts is drying up and the number of troubled entities seems to grow by the day."