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Saturday, 24 September 2011

What should we do to lessen our alcohol intake?

This is a problem that Governments have been mulling over for a considerable time but find it difficult to mull over.
Putting the price up is not really a good option, especially with the hard times we know are looming over the horizons.
There are two areas here, the people who drink in the street, and people who drink at home. We need a two pronged attack as these are two different cases. I will address the latter first.

First of all, there should be a very high tax on the licence to sell alcohol in this country. But there should be an escape clause for shops and supermarkets which would mean they don't have to pay this very high tax if they sold their wine and beer as follows:
  • only half of their wine should be sold in 75cl bottles. At least three-quarters of the remainder should be sold in 50 cl bottles and the remaining quarter of the remainder in 25cl or slammer bottles.

This would mean that two people families could reduce their drinking of an evening at home from three glasses each to two glasses each. A step for middle Britain in the right direction.

And don't worry about the low availability of smaller bottles. We, in Britain are huge wine drinkers, the wine trade will quickly adapt to the smaller bottles pretty quickly!

With beer, we could restrict all cans and bottles to 25cl rather than 330cl or larger. People, initially, would just buy more but the smaller bottles within a year or so being the norm will probably reduce beer drinking as well. It certainly has on the continent! 

Now to consider the people who drink in the streets. At present I believe the police can fine them on the spot, and march them to a cash machine of they don't have the money. 

My solution is a bit more drastic and could cost more, but this could be regained by the perpetrator. I suggest taking them to the station for fingerprinting, DNA collection, a night in the cells, and a magistrate court next morning who could fine them a good contribution towards the cost, if not all of it.

I would hesitate to give them a criminal record though. Once a young person has a criminal record, he is ruined for a decent job and might think his only option is crime.

The real punishment here for the more hooligan element here is the fingerprinting and DNA collection. A lot of these people who drink in the street could well go on to become criminals and might find this a total put-off.


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