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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Are the Muslims a happy people? An interesting email arrived in my email box.

People who know me know I am not racist or bigoted. Also, although I don't personally believe in any religion, I am tolerant of others who need to believe in their religion and am happy to attend church for weddings and funerals, although it is mainly the latter now that I have reached my seventies!
The Muslims are not happy!
They're not happy in  Gaza .
They're not happy in  Egypt .
They're not happy in  Libya .
They're not happy in  Morocco .
They're not happy in  Iran .
They're not happy in  Iraq .
They're not happy in  Yemen .
They're not happy in  Afghanistan .
They're not happy in  Pakistan .
They're not happy in  Syria .
They're not happy in  Lebanon .

So, where are they happy?

They're happy in  Australia .
They're happy in  England .
They're happy in  France .
They're happy in  Italy .
They're happy in  Germany .
They're happy in  Sweden .
They're happy in the  USA .
They're happy in  Norway .
They're happy in every country that is not Muslim.

Who do they blame for their discontent    
Not Islam.
Not their leadership.
Not themselves.
They blame the countries they are happy in.
And, they want to change these countries to be like the countries they are unhappy in.

This is an interesting email as, if you study the list of countries they are unhappy in, you can see why the writer has listed these countries. They are countries where the Muslims are either at war in, or there is strife between their various tribes within the countries.

Then if you study the list of countries where they are happy in, one must presume that the email writer has came up with these countries because there are either countries who have either given them asylum, or they are countries where the Muslims have come to for a better life.

So far, for the first two sections, I think the writer has managed to work it out correctly.

As for the third and last section, I will leave the reader to decide whether the observations are correct or not as it is here where I could come unstuck with making any firm assumptions.

However, I do think the first three items are incorrect. I just think that, although the last two items are correct, there is room for a difference of opinion.

I would welcome comments from Muslims and non-Muslims on this but please no religious abuse.


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