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Monday, 19 September 2011

The Eurozone, here is who you should blame.

It is looking increasingly likely that the Euro is going to destroy people all over the EU, whether they live in an EU country in the Euro or not.

This includes Britain.

When it does go "belly up" we, in Britain (we can't call it Great Britain whilst we are in the EU) will suffer even more than we did under the Blair and Brown government.

But who should we blame?

First of all, I blame the Conservative government. When MacMillan took us into the Common Market in 1973 it was the beginning of the end, Heath was asked on television many years later "Did you know it would become a political union" and the bastard answered with these very words: "Of course I bloody did!". I know, I watched and heard him say it.

Then we signed further treaties, and successive Tory governments refused to give us an in/out referendum.

Also to blame are the Socialists, who also signed us further in with treaties.

If any Tory, or Labour Voter loses their home or job through the Euro or the EU going belly up, I shan't feel unduly unhappy. I will save my offers of help, to people who only vote for a party who promises to take us out immediately on election.

So if you are a Conservative or a Socialist voter who loses out, I am sure you won't have to look too far to apportion your blame.


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