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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bastards, the MOD and politicians are utter bastards!

The most seriously wounded soldier to survive injuries sustained in Afghanistan is to get only half the £1 million compen-sation he is entitled to because of a Government cap.

Lance-Bombardier Ben Parkinson lost both legs, fractured four vertebrae and suffered brain injuries when his patrol was hit by a landmine.

He was initially offered just £150,000 compensation for his injuries – while at the same time an RAF typist received £484,000 for a repetitive strain injury to her thumb. The Ministry of Defence then reviewed Ben’s case and admitted that his compensation should be £1,087,000.

Heroic: Ben Parkinson before the explosion which left him with terrible injuries
But last week he was told that because the Government has imposed a cap on all payouts to injured soldiers, he will receive only £570,000. [Ed: A mere £86,000 more than the typist!)

The 27-year-old paratrooper is now also set to be discharged from the Army against his will.

On Friday Ben was told that the Army Medical Services Board had made a ‘recommendation for medical discharge’ in his case, which his mother, Diane Dernie, fears will seriously affect his rehabilitation.

Read More: Including photos of Ben, before and after.


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