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Saturday, 13 August 2011

The underlying cause of our sick society

Before we can change things we need to realise how these problems arose.
I think things all started going wrong when Enoch Powell gave his speech highlighting future problems if we didn't stop and take a look at what we were doing.

People were so incensed at the press reports – a lot of what is purported to have been said in his speech wasn't actually said at all – that they became so furious they didn't take stock of his message at all. Nobody in government wanted to hear his warning.

Then the socialists wanted to totally undermine the marriage. They gave so much encouragement that Britain became the country in Europe with the biggest number of unmarried mothers. The woman's liberation movement made a big thing about men were not required with the work of bringing up children.

This has been taken from Paul Stains, a.k.a. Guido Fawkes' website:

It was Erin Pizzey, the founder of the first refuge for battered women, who in the late eighties identified Labour’s then radicals Harriet Harman and Patricia Hewitt as dangerous feminist ideological enemies of the family.
Harman and Hewitt were in those days leading lights of the left’s radical feminist wing, arguing in pamphlet after pamphlet that “It cannot be assumed that men are bound to be an asset to family life, or that the presence of fathers in families is necessarily a means to social harmony and cohesion.” After decades of agitation, which influenced social policy as well as social workers, their attack on men and their role in modern life has reached its nadir in Tottenham.
Local MP David Lammy put it bluntly last week: “We are seeing huge consequences of the lack of male role models in young men’s lives..

I read a little while ago that Britain had the highest number of single parent families in the whole of Europe. This has to be a contributory factor.

Fathers are often role models for kids, especially sons. They also help with discipline which a child needs if he or she wants to grow up to be a responsible adult.

The next problem we encounter is schooling. But here, it is not just the Socialists at fault. Granted they were responsible for not only doing away with grammar schools, but for adopting every trendy idea that came along. The Conservatives could have reversed the closing of grammar schools, and reversed all the trendy ideas for education, but they didn't.

Over the decades saw the dismantling of an education system which was the envy of the world until it became the worse in Europe. Many children now leave school unable to speak or write properly, and can only do simple arithmetic with the aid of a calculator. This results in companies employing Eastern Europeans that not only turn out far better educated children, but those who can even speak English as a second language, far better than our own children can.

I wrote first, in my previous article, about punishment. And although we have to find punishments to really hurt this criminals – and although there may be good reasons why they have become criminals, they still have to be punished. But it would be stupidity inself to do so without fixing the underlying problems which have developed these criminals in the first place.

I have talked about Socialists, and I have also talked about Conservatives. But the people to blame are not party specific. They are simply politicians. And, I am not too sure if I shouldn't have written 'simple politicians' as simple they are.
However, there are others equally to blame. After the second world war the Marxists wanted to take over Britain but they had two major problems. The first was they were too few in number. To to combat this, the decision was made to infiltrate the British education system, on the one hand, and the news media, first in radio and then television.

The fact that the BBC is so left wing and biased is a result of this. To a slightly lessor extend, so is the private television sector.

The second problem was that the “anglo-saxon” descendants were capable, and very capable, of independent thought and this has to be stopped, so they imported “political correctness” which was originally invented by German Jews in the 1920s and was exported just before WW2 to the USA where it carried on as a University examination. Now we are too afraid to discuss anything at all for fear of being politically incorrect.

Taking all these points as a whole we can begin to see how our education system has truly deteriorated. We have to rectify this before we have a chance of improving this country.

The problem we have here is the politicians would never have the will to do this.

I did say the underlying cause - I never said I had any answers though.


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