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Thursday, 11 August 2011

There's a better answer than prison for these thugs. Libbies won't like this post!

What to do about the rioters.

As someone recently stated, the problem is, there people are so divorced from the main stream, that jail is no longer any punishment for them. They take it in their stride. However, the following should be read after you look at my underlying problems article.

The idea of stopping benefits won't help as these people wouldn't care about sleeping rough and would be even more of a menace to normal citizens going about their daily routines.

However, before we can bring in the sort of punishments that will actually make them stop and think, we have to withdraw from the European Human Rights legislation.

Then we can consider more fitting punishments for these people.

We could withdraw all benefits and council tenancies from them for ever within 100 miles from the area where they presently live. And we could stop paying them through the post. Those convicted and forced to move would have to sign in at the benefit offices in the new area to collect their allowances. If they fail to collect one week, that weeks allowances would be lost to them for ever.

This is a mild form of punishment, but would be more effective than jail which they take in their stride. Human Rights legislation wouldn't allow us forcing them to live a hundred miles from all their friends and fellow gang members. Computers would enable the authorities to to ensure that all members of a particular gang arrested have to go to different parts of the country.

This would give the gang members food for thought as they love to belong to their illegal societies and to have to make a round trip of over 200 miles to collect their money every week would be quite a bind.

This would be far more effective than the present few months prison sentences they are getting as prison to these people would just be another way of life and any sentence would be a badge when returning to their gangs. However, there is a way which I will describe at the end of this blog.

If they are under age, the parent or parents would also have to move 100 miles out of the area. By doing this, one would hope they would start to take responsibility and also take more of an interest iwhat their offspring are doing as they don't want to leave their own friends.

There is another way would be to bring back the birch. Or better still, the form of whipping as used by the Singapore Government where the person is naked, tide to a frame, with protective gear put around his back and upper legs. I watched this last week taking place and after ten lashes his buttocks were totally raw and covered with blood. It was too horrifying to put the video in my blog although it was on YouTube mind you I would guess it will be taken off soon.

After this sentence was carried out to at least one member of each gang they would think twice before creating mayhem again. A good idea would be to make a video of each case and give a CD to each person whipped so he could give a copy to the other members of the gang, bearing in mind a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a hundred thousand words. No sound on the video of course as if the prisoner yells and screams he might not want to show the vid to other gang members.

My objective here is not to want to see everybody whipped, but to reduce the crimes these people commit.

At the same time, in both cases, compulsory detention would also be part of the punishment where each prisoner would have to attend a “school” where the three R's would be drummed into them the old fashioned way that used to work. It is not enough to punish, we have to create a position for these people so they can enter society again.

I am not saying this is the answer, but our stupid Prime Minister, and the leaders of the other two political parties, haven't a clue and, together with the police, see prison as the answer. How can something be a punishment if the person punished looks on the punishment as a sort of holiday for a few months.

Mind you, these are, in the main, young criminals, so putting them in with long term category “A” violent prisoners might be useful. The Catagory “A” prisoners would have some entertainment and the young criminals would realise that although prison may be a doddle, going for a shower wouldn't be!

I will write again examining the root cause of this problem, but this is enough for now!

There are many ways of skinning a cat.

That's all folks, I'm off to the local “Indian” for a curry.


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