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Monday, 1 August 2011

Linux? Who the hell uses Linux? You're in cloud cuckoo land mate!

This is what you often hear all over the Internet, but there are a few areas where Linux is used.

Linux is everywhere

Most People obviously know Windows. You use it at work. You use it at home and when it does the “Blue Screen of Death” then you are reminded how well you really know this thing.

Linux. Most People generally don’t know Linux. Most people would be surprised that it's a computer Operating System which they rely on each and every day. Lets see why …..

I list a dozen areas where Linux has made a big impact below. 

Android phones and tablets got their start in Linux

The hugely popular mobile operating system is based on the Linux, and with 550,000 devices Android devices activated each day, it stays radically relevant.

Linux powers a majority of the world’s supercomputers
This includes those at NASA where work is critical.

Japanese high speed rail

Yes, every time a train leaves and arrives from a Japanese station, Linux is behind it. And, we all know how accurate they are with time-keeping don't we?

Air traffic control systems use Linux to get you from A to B safely

And in addition to standard Air Traffic Control, we have ...

Hi-Tech Traffic Control

San Francisco recently started using traffic controllers that are powered by Linux. This is a major International airport in the USA. And, we all know how careful people are with Air Control, don't we?

Toyota is making cars smarter

The newest company to join the Linux foundation, Toyota’s In-Vehicle-Infotainment and communications systems run Linu

The New York Stock Exchange is powered by Linux

When they made the switch to Linux in 2007, the NYSE was able to reduce costs and increase flexibility

Linux is helping power particle physics research

CERN, the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, relies upon Linux to power its huge particle accelerator.

Nuclear submarines need Linux to run

In 2004, Lockheed Martin delivered a nuclear submarine to the US government that was powered by Red Hat Linux.

Linux is used in farm equipment

DeLaval, A 122-year-old dairy equipment company, has used Linux in a robotic system for milking cows.

Your Tivo is powered by Linux

As are many similar devices in the entertainment industry.

More Web servers are powered by Linux

...than any other operating system. In addition, Google, Amazon and Facebook have enormous websites which are powered by Linux.

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