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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Could this save money for Schools?

My idea could be to get Amazon involved by having a reduced version of their Kindle just for schools, with an unique model reference number embossed in the back so it can't be rubbed off. Each child would have their own reference number so stolen property can be returned.

The backs of the Kindle could also state if anyone other than the child in question is caught with the Kindle for any reason whatsoever, they would be arrested first and questions would be asked afterwards.

Amazon could have these only working with syncing to a computer, there would be no need for 3g or WiFi at all. The memory could be reduced as could the size slightly.

The Kindle uses a .AZW propriety file structure for their copyright books, but it also allows the .MOBI file structure which is widely used as well.

This would excite schoolkids to want to read more, and there are so many classics in the public arena that schools could choose some of these to work with.

Buying electronic books for standard schoolbooks would be a lot cheaper and, providing Amazon kept their price down to rock-bottom, whole new generations would grow up using their product. That knowledge alone should be enough to sell their books at cost to the government.

Children could be told that if they never had to have their Kindle replaced through theft or losing, then they would be allowed to keep the Kindle when they left school. If they had to have it replaced for any reason, then they would have to hand it in when they left school. That would focus their minds to look after them.

My objective here is not to save schools money, although that would be an additional benefit.

Neither is my objective to support Amazon with hundreds of thousands of new users of their product, although this may be enough to persuade them to sell to the Government at cost.

No, my real objective is to revive a dying art by persuading children to read books again, something which is definitely a dying art nowadays. Acquiring my Kindle has certainly increased my reading from about five books a year to, at present, around five to seven a week. And I feel all the richer for it.

Some of my recent books include The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Zen from the 7th to the 15th century, The Great Boer War by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Homer's Iliad, Plato as well as some very exciting novels and adventure fiction.


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