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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Why won't the workers unite?

Our local bus hire company is supplying private buses to run people from our local tube station up to an event by Hampstead Heath.

Three times we have walked past the bus and driver and asked for excursion leaflets. They also run excursions.

Each time the driver has said, we don't have these you'll have to write in.

People won't write in so this driver will eventually be fired. If he has a mortgage, his house my be reprocessed. If he has children they may go hungry.

We are living in trying times and I know it is contrary to the way staff think, i.e. "Why should we help the boss build his business, we don't get paid for that!"

In a way, they are right, why should they try to ensure that their own job will be secure? If the firm closes down they can be sure of one thing. The boss won't lose his house and his children won't go hungry.

You have to ask yourself the question: "Will yours?"


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