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Friday, 15 July 2011

Should we allow smoking in pubs?

I am an asthmatic. Not a heavey one, but my asthma is caused by smoke rather than dust and for years I couldn't go into a pub to socialise with friends.

When the new law came out I was delighted to be able to go into pubs again, although - in the summer - I can never enjoy a pint outside in the sun because I would be surrounded by smokers.

But, as a Libertarian, I am totally against government interference in our lives.

People should be allowed to smoke, but only in places where they cannot harm non-smokers as these people need to be catered for as well.

I think the owners of cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs should be able to elect to be non-smoking or smoking premises.

However, to ensure a balance between smoking and non-smoking, an extra licence could be imposed on smoking premises of all types whether they sell alcohol or not. It should be high enough to ensure that no more than 40% to 60% of premises elect to go "smoking" but not too high to reduce that percentage too greatly. All licence fee money to go to the NHS budget.

The government interferes too much in society. But, they do believe in "nudge" and this would be a useful use of it.

We are doubling the world's population every forty years. This is terrifying. Nature is already doing its best to cull the world's population through wars, AIDS and famine in third world countries, through homosexuality and now through cancer in the Western countries as war and famine aren't good weapons here.

Whilst nature is doing its damnedest to ensure man survives, governments are doing their damnedest to help the weak survive.

The more we protect the weak, the more man will continue in its decline.

I know this will seem harsh for the do-gooders and goody-goodies of this world, but no matter how much you hate it, and attack me for saying it, it is true and in your hearts you know it.

After all, this is the way nature works, we can see examples of this in the animal kingdom, from the big cats in Africa to the little animals in our fields in Britain.

And, I am not really a heartless bastard, ask anyone who knows me. I dedicate myself to my local community and work over thirty hours a week without pay to help it grow.

But, I am a realist, and can see our problems very clearly.


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