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Monday, 4 July 2011

An obnoxious American on the 4th July.

Now please don't get me wrong. I have lived in the USA for three years back in the hey-day of Rock 'n' Roll in the fifties, and America and Americans were wonderful.

The politicians aren't so hot, but then neither are ours!

There are always the odd bad apple with any nationality and I want to tell you about one I bumped into a few decades ago in a pub between Oxford Street and Grosvenor Square.

There were four of us trying to hold a meeting on the 4th of July when this drunken American came up saying he was celebrating how they beat us. "Rugby, cricket or football?" I asked. "America!" he shouted. "North or South?" I asked again. At this he rocked on his feet a little and said "North America!" I then asked whether this was Mexico, Canada or the United States.

He took umbrage at this and muttered "The Yewnited States of Amerrrica and wandered off towards the bar again.

We carried on with our meeting.

But not for long as this guy staggered over and once again said "Ah'm a-celebrating the 4th of July!" By then I was beginning to get a little annoyed at these interruptions.

"We celebrate the 4th of July over here as well" I exclaimed. "Oh" he replied; "What do you celebrate it for?" To which I replied; "For the same reason you do!"

By then the drunken sot got the message and wandered off hurling abuse.

I hate to be unkind to the unfortunates in this world but we were having a private meeting and I was trying to put together a three-way deal which aren't the easiest of deals to do.


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