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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Is the Norwegian killer mad? Or is he completely sane?

First of all, I am not a qualified psychologist so it will be difficult for me to comment on this reliably.

However, there are signs which suggest to me that he could be sane. Let me explain.
But, before I do, I would like to make it absolutely plain that I am absolutely horrified at what this man has done.

The defence lawyer has already stated that he is entering an insanity plea. This seems rather quick to me. You need exhaustive tests to ascertain whether someone is sane or insane as you cannot rely on outward appearances. The prisoner may be sane but pretending to be insane, or he may be insane and artful, pretending to be sane.

In addition, why are the courts convening in secret without the public being present. If the man is really insane the authorities would not worry about anything the prisoner might say.

Also, if the man wasn't capable of rational thought, he would have tried, as he did, to blow up parliament, but he would have gone on a shooting spree amongst the immigrant sector as this is what he was protesting about.

But, this man was sane enough to have worked out that it was the people who brought the immigrants into his country who were to blame, and not the immigrants fault for looking for a better life. In this case the left. So he killed people he knew were on the left.

I am sure there may be flaws in my argument, as set out above, but if it is enough to get my readers thinking about it, well and good.


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