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Friday, 15 July 2011

I have a theory that most of the Tory Eurosceptics aren't...

I have a theory about Tory Eurosceptics which has been sitting at the back of my mind for rather a long time, now and again I imagine that it is a correct theory, then at other times I am not too sure.

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Anyway, let me explain...

More and more frequently when I attend meetings in the evening held by the Institute of Economic Affairs, The Adam Smith Institute, The Bruges Group and other similar, vaguely Libertarian affairs, I hear speakers from Tory MPs declaring how anti-EU they are and that more and more MPs on both sides of the divide are of a similar view.

I used to become quite heartened about this but as the months and years have gone on by, the idea is slowly dawning that these “Eurosceptic” MPs, in the main, aren't. I think it is a view put forward for one purpose only, and that is to stop the populous from voting UKIP.

Recently a UKIP member in the audience put forward a question and the idiotic “Eurosceptic” MP replied that voting for UKIP was a waste of time as there is no way they could ever get 300 MPs at the next election. The man was an idiot and, afterwards I explained just why he was an idiot, but kept that opinion until after I said my piece.

I told him that UKIP do not need to get a single MP in Parliament to come out of the EU. He asked how. I said all we have to do is to make Cameron realise that we can get enough votes to ensure that all his marginal MPs will lose their seats and ensure that the Tories will never get in government for the foreseeable future. Once Cameron sees that this is likely to happen, he will be forced into a referendum and that is all that is required. And then I dropped the bombshell and he stiffened noticeably. I told him that any MP who thinks we need 300 seats lives in cloud cuckoo land and has no idea of what is happening in the real world.

Anyway, I digress, although this story is part of what I want to say.

I am seriously beginning to wonder just how Eurosceptic all these Tory MPs really are. I am beginning to wonder whether Cameron is putting them up to talking at meetings they way they do to stop the haemorrhaging of the Tory vote by stopping more and more of them joining, and voting for, the UK Independence Party. I am sure some of them are genuine but not nearly as many as they make out. MPs are a craven bunch and no way as many would buck the chance of getting on the ladder as they would have us believe.

By giving the Tory voter hope that more and more Tory MPs are “seeing the light” and will, one day, vote against the Tory leadership Cameron stops UKIP collecting more and more Tory votes.

It is all part of politics and although we shouldn't necessarily condemn such tactics, but we should be aware of what is happening, and find a away to counteract it.

Time will tell whether I am right or not, but my money is that the only way we will get a referendum is by putting the fear of God into the Tory leadership by keeping chipping at their marginal voters.

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