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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Fast food, old age and the number of pensioners

We continue to hear the government bleat that as the years go by, more and more pensioners will live many more years or even a decade longer than they do now.

What utter rubbish.
Granted, many of the people of pensionable age are, indeed healthy. They were brought up during the war years when the diet, although frugal, was a very healthy one. These people, on the whole, continued to be watchful of their diet and are fit and healthy.

But the younger generation have been brought up on a diet of hamburgers, pizzas, coke and other sugary soft drinks. To even suggest that these generations will live longer is a travesty. Not only will they not live to the same age of people a decade ago, they will die a lot earlier.

The Columbians are also doing their bit to help the tax-payer. Taking drugs will also shorten the younger generations lifespan.

Smoking has not been completely banned so we are assured that the more stubbon amongst us won't be drawing their tax payers pension for very long. As will no doubt those who abuse their bodies with alcohol.

Then we have the motorists, many of whom will get into their cars for a ten minute walking distance. And will then suffer killing stress trying to park their cars.

No, the politicians have got it all wrong.

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