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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The EU and the EUro - the worm has turned

Listen to an incredible upbeat speech in the EU Parliament by one of the most feisty of all the British Politicians.
OK, I admit that Daniel Hannan might be a great speaker but he doesn't have the fire that my subject has. Hannan has a lot of intelligent things to say. But that doesn't make him an intelligent person - after all one must ask "who writes his speeches?"
He lacks the wisdom to realise that most of the Eurosceptic MPs aren't Eurosceptic and just want to ensure they are voted in time and time again by a Conservative public who desperately want to believe that they are Eurosceptic.
But consider Nigel Farage, his speeches may not always be as subtle or as polished as Hannan, but this man has fire in his belly and, whatever you may want to say about Nigel, he's not subtle! He goes directly for the jugular. And he isn't waiting in a party for something that will never happen. He belongs to a party dedicated to removing us from the EU.
Here is Nigel at his best:
Food for thought.
Conservative MPs try to tell you that the UK Independence Party haven't a hope of getting an MP elected for many more elections. But we know how quickly that can change when the people get fed up with the status quo. 
 Take the Democratic Alliance (DA) party in my South Africa. Formed in 1994, and have grown progressively to now almost be neck and neck with the ruling party. A good chance in five years time of running the country.
But the beauty is, the UK Independence Party don't need to get any MPs elected to fulfil their objective. If they grow at the same slow rate they have been growing over the last twenty years, they will lose the Conservatives enough seats at the next election and continue in that vein then if the Conservatives don't agree to a referendum in this parliament they will never be in Government again.
Another ploy by Conservative politicians is to say our business is so tied up with Europe - a load of rubbish as the whole world continues to trade with the EU without the penalties imposed on us!
In addition to that, the UK Independence Party are now starting to make large inroads in the Labour party. I am meeting more and more ex Labour party members when I attend various UKIP meetings.
The party has stated that if there is a fair referendum and people vote to stay in or out, it doesn't matter which, the UKIP will all pack up and go home.
Cameron could kill the UK Independence Party by one small statement.

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