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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A company should be praised when they do something right!

I just purchased another digital camera from UK Digital Cameras. It is the fourth one I have purchased from them over the last few years.

They have lent over backwards to be accommodating.

I ordered yesterday morning at 9am. I was told it would be despatched that evening. I elected for standard delivery rather than pay the cost for next day delivery.

But read on, their efficiency doesn't stop here.
I received an email acknowledging all the facts of my order within minutes.

Later on in the day I received an email saying it had been despatched.

This morning I received an email saying it would... well, here's a cut and paste of the email:
Your order from UK Digital Cameras is out for delivery today and is due to be delivered between 14:05-15:05. Can you please ensure that someone will be available to sign for the parcel at:
I can only presume they mean between 2pm and 3pm and state :05 so I will be assured they mean it :-)

Some time ago, when I exchanged my Lumix TX3 for a TX7 they offered me a £150 trade-in which I accepted.

When I asked for a Trade In for my Canon SX30 IS they declined, saying they were sorry but there wasn't a market for that camera second hand but send me a £10 voucher as an apology. That was something they didn't need to do. I really appreciated that gesture.

Naturally, I will always buy my future cameras from these people.

They have had 342 reviews to-date and are rated the full five stars.

On other sites the reviews get even better.

To me they are 99.99% perfect, the only thing that jars a little is they have an 0845 telephone number when so many people have free national and local calls tariffs and have to pay for that number.

However, if you enter the number in you will come up with their correct number which is {Deleted by request}.

I will add a comment below if the delivery is not between 2pm and 3pm.


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