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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Can anyone tell me whether our Government wastes private enterprise money like this?

I have read this in an American blog and it is truly stupidity gone mad!

The story concerns how the Government inspects a one man business to ensure, as the boss, the owner has a drugs inspection plan in place, and as an employee (himself) he is tested in "surprise tests" regularly. And also, he holds seminars for his employee (himself) on how to stand up for his rights whilst being subjected to these surprise tests. Remember, this is a one man business!

I kid you not, this was read out in Congress and I show the video to prove it!

As the owner of a very small Boston-based helicopter charter company, I spent one morning this week with a very bright and experienced FAA safety inspector who drove out to my house in his government-issued car to inspect our records. This helicopter charter operator is licensed in the special “single pilot 135″ category, which generally means that the owner is the pilot and nobody else can fly paying customers.
The FAA inspector, however, was working from a checklist that applies to all 135 operators. We went through a bunch of questions relating to how familiar was I with the procedures for hiring additional pilots and making sure that I had checked with their previous employers to find out if they’d ever failed a drug test. The FAA inspector also looked at my monthly duty time records to make sure that I hadn’t flown more than 1400 hours in the preceding 12 months (FAR 135.67). No Boston helicopter charter company with a single helicopter has ever flown more than about 50 hours per year, but we went through page after page of reports showing either 0 hours flown or 0.5 hours flown.
Finally, the FAA inspector looked at my random drug testing program to make sure that everything was in place. I’m subject to the same drug testing requirements as United Airlines. I am the drug testing coordinator for our company, so I am responsible for scheduling drug tests and surprising employees when it is their turn to be tested. As it happens, I’m also the only “safety-sensitive employee” subject to drug testing, so basically I’m responsible for periodically surprising myself with a random drug test.
As a supervisor, I need to take training so that I can recognize when an employee is on drugs. But I’m also the only employee, so really this is training so that I can figure out if I myself am on drugs.
As an employee, I need to take a second training course so that I learn about all of the ways that my employer might surprise me with a random drug test and find out about drug use. But I’m also the employer so really I’m learning about how I might trap myself.
So a wasted morning for both of you then?

This was even mentioned in the US Government...

The question to ask here is "Will anything be done about it considering the state of the American Economy?" And after we decide nothing will be done, we can apply the same answer to the same question on our own UK Government waste!


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