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Friday, 3 June 2011

Sir Philip Green - Saint or Sinner? You judge!

How do these protesters know what the financial arrangements were between Sir Philip Green's wife and himself I wonder? After all a man has to be pretty sure of his wife to channel all that money to her.  I am not saying it wasn't a fiddle, just musing.
Demonstrators have taken part in UK-wide protests over Topshop boss Sir Philip Green's tax affairs. They allege that he avoided paying hundreds of millions of pounds.
Protesters forced Topshop's main UK store to close its doors today during a demonstration against alleged tax avoidance by big businesses.
The action is focusing on the shop's owner, and government adviser, Sir Philip Green. The group claims Sir Philip deliberately tried to avoid paying hundreds of millions of pounds of UK tax by channelling £1.2 billion worth of funds from his Arcadia retail empire into an offshore vehicle registered to his wife in Monaco.
And, with the success story of this man, available anywhere on the Internet, will he, can he, save us money in the long run?

Sir Philip Green says government waste 'shocking' "If I ran my business like this the lights would be out The government could save billions of pounds a year if it improved "shocking" spending processes”, Topshop owner Sir Philip Green has said.
Sir Philip has reviewed government spending, and says it is failing to make full use of its buying power. He said no business could survive the level of money that was wasted from the £191bn of spending he reviewed.
He believes billions could be saved if the government did simple things like checking spending properly.

The simple answer is "yes he can" and "yes he has". We should be grateful that he didn't sell up his empire and retire abroad after those riots. At his age, I know so many people who would have done.

Govt to cut £3bn waste spend after Sir Philip Green review The government has said it expected to cut spending on basic goods and services by £3bn per year as it implements the findings of Sir Philip Green's review.
Green, whose Arcadia Group owns the Topshop clothing chain, said last year the government was wasting large sums by failing to exploit its size and credit rating with suppliers.
A central team will buy common goods and services for the government, rather than allowing individual departments to do their own deals. The aim is to ensure that small and medium-sized companies get 25 per cent of the business.
The government has issued tenders for travel and office supplies and plans to appoint a supplier for each this year. "By using the scale of government, you can drive down cost price a lot," Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude told Reuters.

A message from Ampers' Rants to Sir Philip. We are grateful for what you are doing for the country. If you want to channel a paltry few hundred million to your wife in Monaco again, we won't be too concerned. And, if your home overlooks the Grand Prix road track, I wouldn't mind an invitation to stay the weekend at next years Monaco's Grand Prix!


PS: People often sneer at me when they learn I left school at 15.  I don't mind because I have always been happy with what I have done in life and at 72 am happier than just about everybody I know. It's nice to know that I share something with Sir Philip Green. No, not his billions, just the fact that we both left school at 15.

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