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Friday, 17 June 2011

Should Ed Balls resign as Chancellor after losing this court case?

I have just heard that Ed Balls lost his court case for the debt he refuses to pay, by default.

From the Daily Mail:

For the Opposition’s chief spokesman on the economy, it can only be seen as a grave embarrassment.

Ed Balls is being dragged into court because he has not got his own finances in order.

The Shadow Chancellor is being sued by Paul Sampson, the landlord of his former constituency offices in West Yorkshire, over a £1,966 bill he is refusing to pay.
I have just learned from Guido Fawke's website (Paul Staines) that he didn't bother to turn up at court and has now been ordered to "pay up".
My question is "Should Ed Balls resign as Chancellor?"

What sort of country would we be, and how could Englishmen hold their heads up in the world, if Ed Balls, as Chancellor, renages on the countries debts the same way as he tries to renage on his own debts.

Any replies under comments please.

Meanwhile I have just put a bottle of champagne in the fridge to cool it for after work.

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