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Friday, 17 June 2011

A serious warning to ‘would be’ iPhone purchasers

Eighteen months ago Apple filed a patent to be able to close your camera down remotely, to be activated if sensors detect you are filming a live concert.
In one way, this may sound reasonable as there are rules forbidding you to film commercial concerts.
However, if your school holds a concert and a parent wants to record their child performing, the camera might be shut down (see below).
Another factor is, your iPhone is never your property and can always be controlled by the Apple company.
But there may not be a real worry here as these huge corporations are always filing patents which never come to fruition.. However it is rather worrying.
There’s a lot of “noise” about this on the internet and it might work by concert organisers having an IR beam directed at the audience, the camera picks it up, and broadcasts a beam back identifying itself indicating the camera is being used. The equipment at the concert could then send a signal to shut down that phone’s camera. If this is the case, then school concerts are OK
Also seen on the Internet is the idea that government authorities at riots and “sensitive demonstrations” could use the same equipment.
I am glad I handed my iPhone back within the 14 days grace and bought an equivalent Android phone.
All Apple equipment is first class, Apple politics, their desire to lock their users in, and their desire to control them, isn’t

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