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Monday, 6 June 2011

Porters restaurant - BYO wine - only £1 corkage, or buy theirs - they're licensed.

Not really a wine club, just a West End restaurant with a particularly nice deal.

In their own words:

Porters Wine Club
Enjoy your own wine with our food! We'll happily provide the glasses, openers, ice and a bucket,  serve your very own wine (£1 per bottle corkage - if you deem that's fair then we'll add that to your bill at the end). The only very small rule is that you should order some food to go with it. There is no maximum table size and the Wine Club opens at 12noon and closes at 10pm. So whether it’s a route around the back of the cellar for that old bottle of splendid Bordeaux that you’ve been saving up for a special occasion (more likely in hiding from the teenage kids) or a quick trip to Tesco’s on the way here, we really don’t mind – bring what you like the most; red, white, pink or fizz, we won’t judge – but if you have something especially interesting we might ask if it’s okay to try a little snifter.


£1 a bottle must be the lowest corkage in London, if not in Britain! - Porters have a web page and are an "English Food" restaurant in Henrietta Street, Coven Garden. Their old Englist pies are to drool over, and their "boarding school" puddings are excellent, but if you want a sweet, miss the first course - you have been warned.

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