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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

PM said "country's top institutions needed to attract students from poorer backgrounds."

When you analyse what David Cameron has said there, it reeks of political correctness, and just doesn't add up.

I am white, from South Africa, and if I wasn't retired and running a business, and four people were applying for a job in my business; a white South African, a Muslim, a Zulu and a Chinaman, guess who I would pick?

You are correct, there's not enough information is there?

My first choice would be the person who had proven success in the job description. Failing that, it would be the person who showed the most promise to be able to learn quickly.

Why am I not prejudiced? It is because I am in business to succeed and prejudices have no place in running a successful business. Peter Townsend in Up the Organisation said "You are either in business to have fun or make money or preferably both!" It was always both with me!

Now, from the countries point of view, we need to do what the Communists in the USSR did with their education system. Whenever they were informed of a particularly gifted child, that child would be lifted out of his or her school and put into a special school for the brightest pupils.

We used to do that, they were called grammar schools.

Alas, they are almost no more, and their function has been taken over by the public school system, or what are also known as private schools.

The Socialist system in education have, in their way, copied the Communist system but with one exception. The USSR system of educating the brightest child didn't rely on the parents having money. The socialist system in Britain does.

There is only one way I would like to see poor working class and ethnic minority children go to Oxford or Cambridge. I would like to see education from junior school upwards improve and the bringing back of grammar schools so that the brightest children of any class could rise to the top so they have a chance of going to an Oxbridge university. Education should not just depend on money, but those who can pay for a better education should be allowed to. It is called liberty and freedom of choice!

Making the universities lower their standards will definitely be detrimental to our country as a whole.

The evil Communist party of the USSR saw this, but our politicians are either too stupid to realise ir, or they do and are too frightened of the "politically correct" brigade to follow this path. Either way, it will be bad for Great Britain!


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