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Monday, 27 June 2011

Oh Glory be - a Canadian saved my life

I was trying to set my blog up so instead of showing in the url, it would only show - my own domain.

I went into the DNS system and added the four Google "A" domains, and one CNAME for google. The next time I went in to my blog, it was gone! Just a blank screen every time I tried to log on.

I asked several friends, one up the road in London, one about 40 miles away, one about 175 miles away, and one in America, to see if the problem wasn't localised to London, the UK etc. And none of them could access it. So it must have been something my end.

A Canadian helped doggedly, to get me up and running and, after many attempts, we discovered that I had conflicting information in the DNS records on my domain providers management site. I was asked to delete two offending "A" records, which I did, and immediately got my blog back.

Thank you Bonjour Tristesse - if you ever come to London, I'll buy you an effing big drink!


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