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Thursday, 23 June 2011

IMPORTANT - please take note for Ampers' Rants

One day, very soon, you won't have access to

Please always use this address to visit Ampers' Rants:

I am not moving but during the next couple of weeks I am going to change things so that this name will appear in the URL of all my posts but Blogger (Blogspot) will only allow one of the addresses. The reason why I am doing this, and being a bit awkward - for which I apologise - is that it gives me greater control over my blog (weblog).

For example, I used to be on Blogger, then I moved to Wordpress but after a while I was disillusioned with Wordpress and moved back to Blogger. However, I have lost thousands of viewers by constantly moving. Originally on my first time on Blogger, I had viewers in 96 different countries around the world.

By using the new address, registered to me, I will be able to change blog hosts (providers) whenever I want and as you are using, you will automatically be able to go to my new address without even realising it. So, during the next couple of weeks, will cease to work, and will be the only address to use.

In book-keeping, red is negative and blue is positive - looking at the addresses above, don't use the one in red, but do use the ones in blue.

Once this is done, I will never change the address again as I can just point the new domain to anywhere I want to. So remember, change today to:

Thursday 23rd of June may not be a good time to switch to



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