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Monday, 27 June 2011

Hannan giving the Americans a lecture on their History

Two videos as the speech was too long to go on the YouTube website.

The second part is a little longer but if you enjoyed this, then listen on...

A lot of Americans say how they wished Hannan was one of their politicians but, you know, they had an excellent Senator from Texas, one "Ron Paul" who spoke with just as much sense and intelligence and the Americans, like us Brits with Hannan, clap our hands and say "Bravo" and continue to live our mundane lives without doing anything about it.

I quite often hear Conservative MPs speaking at events and saying how much they despise the EU and the number of these are growing daily. Well I can tell you quite definitely they aren't growing daily and, in addition, I can state with almost absolute certainty that they are told to say this by CCHQ as a ploy to stop more and more Tory voters defecting to other parties. Here are the results of a recent bye-election

1st Labour 
2nd UKIP
3rd Conservatives
4th BNP
5th Independent
6th Liberal Democrats

It's no wonder that the Tories aren't too happy - coming third, I ask you!

How can we stop the strikes over Pensions?
How can we stop the cutting down of our security
How can we build more schools and Hospitals?
How can we increase council budgets?
How can we lower income tax.

We need to stop something. Hint, it's what we pay to a two letter acronym across a small stretch of water. Can you work it out?

Remember the old saying? "The people get the government they deserve."


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