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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Don't make me laugh, our National Health Service has never been free.

One of the sacred cows in Britain is to keep the National Health Service free.

We all pay for it, and its incompetences through the tax called the National Insurance Stamp and also out of our income tax system as the NI tax isn't enough, and hasn't been enough, to pay for all the layers of management and all the mismanagement over the ages.

Before I continue, I will say that I am not against free at the point of delivery. However, it is not free at the point of delivery. Ask anyone who has been to a dentist, or who wears spectacles.

Hands up, all those who truly believe that governments can run businesses better than private enterprise? Of course they can't And never could have. And before you mention National Rail, remember, it was the Government that laid down the rules of how it should be done, and it was a disaster. Splitting up the track from the train operators were imposed upon us by the EUropean dictatorship and our Government had no option but to obey.

Anyone remember George Orwell’s 1984?  Orwell, whose real name was Eric Blair, wrote a terrifying book of the future back in 1948 and a lot has come true since.

BT, was privatised in 1984, yes it is really that long ago, before privatisation you could have a rotary phone in any colour you wanted, providing it was black.

Phonecalls from BT now are cheaper per call in "real terms" than they were over twenty-five years ago. Imagine what it would cost to make a call now if they hadn't been privatised.

I am not calling for the privatisitation of the Health Service, far from it. I am almost 72 and know I am going to need them in the immediate future :-(

However, I am asking us to give Andrew Lansley CBE a chance with the Health Care reforms. The fact that the Unions and Labour are crying so vehemently against the plans indicates:
Anything that gives the general public more freedom of choice, and takes away power from the Unions, or the dictatorial ability of the left to control us has to be a good thing.

Sane and intelligent people ask, when they see one body of people screaming about a new idea is, what is their secret or hidden agenda, why exactly are they making such a fuss? I have no answer here other than it is not the reason they are giving. They never give the true reason.

It is up to us to work this out for ourselves.

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