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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Caveat Lector - a Super Injuction exposed on the Internet as promised this morning.

Caveat emptor, or should that, in this instance, be "Caveat Lector"

(Reader beware)

Do you ever read the small print?

At the top of my blog, take note of the second line:

On this blog I may write the truth, the whole truth, or something like the truth, so help me God!

Take particular note of "or something like the truth" I have often wondered whether the usher would let this one slip by in court?

Anyway, I digest. Back to the story

Micky Mouse was in London on holiday and the chambermaid discovered him performing an unnatural act with his companion, Pluto.

Mr Mouse immediately contacted Farthings, the solicitors and managed to take out a superinjunction before the chambermaid, a Mrs Soonta Ali, could broadcast this information to the Screws of the World.

There! I have put it out on the Internet. Farthings, do your worse!


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