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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Cameron, seems weak and vaccilating, has he no backbone? I know a man who has!

I despair of Britain.

On the left we have a clueless nobody, Ed Milliband who can't even hold on to a brother and on the right we have a weak, vacillating leader without any backbone, having his strings pulled by a jumped up nobody from the middle.

So who will you vote for at the next election, you can vote for one of the above, who will leave your children and your children's children forever crippled in debt because the Conservatives are too frightened to bite the bullet.

These austerity measures are being weakened every day, or if they aren't weakened, the overall plan is by us giving billions to countries like India to spend on their own space program, or to line the Swiss numbered accounts of tinpot African dictators.

Whether you approve of his politics or not, there is only one politician in Britain with genuine fire in his belly. He says: "You wouldn't think so from looking at the TV and newspapers but our EU membership not only costs us billions of pounds every year in direct fees but creeps into almost every aspect of our lives." It is the billions of pounds I want to talk about.

Many Eurosceptics talk about Britain losing her sovereignty. As a South African I am not too bothered about that, but losing it to useless dreamers does bother me a little.

No, what bothers me, and I am getting more and more angry as I see the cuts the government are making, and know instinctively that these are only the beginning, is seeing all those tens of billions going into the EU to be squandered on Greece.

Don't take any notice of Osborne telling you we won't put any money towards another bailout. He is lying and what's more he knows he is lying. We pour money into the IMF who, in turn, are going to help the EU with the proposed Greek bailout. But Osborne is keeping very quiet about that, isn't he?

Many readers have heard the occasional snippets of Nigel Farage from time to time, but here is a quarter of an hour of him making points in the EU Parliament. Gawd! How they must hate and detest the man.

Nigel, you owe it to the people of England to get into Parliament in 2015, so we can hear your fire as you embarrass the gutless and spineless bastards at PMQs. That is, if the speaker has the guts to call you.


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