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Monday, 6 June 2011

Bob started out sensibly, but it was downhill all the way after

Just been watching Bob Crowe on Sky News and I have to admit, although I think he is a lump of slime, he started off talking very intelligently, arguing the case of why his members shouldn't suffer because of what the bankers have done.

The news reader says that it was caused by Labour who he supports. However, I beg to differ as he is a communist and has actually acknowledged that fact. I guess he doesn't watch television and is unaware that Communism has failed in Russia? But I digress...

After his rather surprising start, we started to hear all the communistic claptrap and he went from good, to bad, to worse. I think this was helped by skilful goading from the Conservative minister, but it was rather subtle and I am not sure.

If he had stuck to the subject in hand, he'd have scored, as it was, Crowe nil points, everyone else 12 points.

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