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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Why there is no chance that the Arab Spring will spread to Europe.

It is terrific to see people power in Tunisia and the Egypt. Naturally, it is sad to see all the killing in Libya and Syria, and Bahrain to a lesser extent, but let us all hope democracy will prevail in all these countries.
However, we have to bear in mind that democracy is not necessarily something that the Muslim faith believes in. Time will tell. To explain, think of what Muslims believe in as similar to what the rulers in the EU believe in. Total control. I explain below.
What really is intriguing is that Britain and the European countries are cheering these people on and they are not democratic in their own countries. Yes, they have the trappings of democracy, in their individual countries, but they are ruled by the EU which is in no way democratic. 
Before I explain, there are a couple of other points that people get upset about and I will include them with my comments on all three points.
  1. British sovereignty: This is not something that concerns me too much as I am more interested in South African sovereignty than British. Naturally, I would prefer this country to retain its sovereignty, but it is a done deal and too late, and Britain has already lost it. Human rights where a burglar is not sent to prison so he can look after his kids is just the latest incident in the Human Rights saga.
  2. EU funding: All the billions being poured into the coffers of our masters in the EU when we are having to make huge sacrifices over here, putting so many people on the scrap heap. This is a total waste, but as I am retired and have my own pension and even if the value of the pound comes down, I shall still survive if I live too long. And, I have no children who will be paying for our excess for the rest of their lives, do you?
  3. Democracy: Wait, I hear you say, it is democratic, MEPs make the laws and they are elected in each country. Wronnngggg! Unelected people; the president, the commissioners and various others, make all the rules and laws. Once these have been decided upon and drafted, they are sent to the MEPs to rubber-stamp them. If a rule or law fails at this step, it is sent back again, and again, and again, until it gets passed. I know this as I have two friends who are MEPs and they have explained exactly how it happens.
So, as you can see, and you can check all these points on the Internet – please don't just take my word for it – Britain is no longer a democracy, neither is it independent, neither is it wealthy.
Of course the people could rise up, but they won't. In most other countries, if the population learned how their politicians were milking their expenses, how their local government were spending millions on their council credit cards on five star hotels and top restaurants, and so many earning more than their first minister, they would take to the streets in anger and fury.
Not In Britain. We will do nothing until election time, and those who can be bothered to vote will vote for the same party as their parents voted for, and their parents before them. I despair really. I have been here since 1955, on and off (three years in the USA and three years in France) and have always voted for the politician who would do the best for my locale or if there wasn't a decent one, I would vote for one of the smaller parties to give them encouragement. However, after 1973, when we were taken into the Common Market by Heath and MacMillan, I swore an oath that I would never vote for the Conservatives until the last member of the government was dead – at the last check on Wikipedia, seven were still alive. When I get annoyed, I get very annoyed.
What about you, dear reader, do you ever get annoyed? Did you know, decades ago, which party you were going to vote for in 2015?

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