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Monday, 30 May 2011

We'll match the price if you can buy cheaper elsewhere? You have to be joking!

Have you come across the statement issued by some companies which run along the lines of:
“If you can buy cheaper elsewhere, tell us and we’ll match their price”
If I can buy cheaper elsewhere, I buy from the company offering decent terms in the first place. I would never go back to the company issuing statements like the above!
What are they really saying? Probably something along the lines of…
“We know we are over-charging, but we want to take as much money as we can. So apart from the idiots who buy from us in the first place, we also want to take money off the wiser shopper.”
The only way I would go back to these shops would be, as – in fact – one company offers…
“If you can buy cheaper elsewhere, tell us and we’ll not only match their price but we’ll give you an additional 10% off as well.”
But, even then, I'd want a darn site more than an extra 10%
Let your fingers do the walking - check prices on Google first.

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