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Monday, 23 May 2011

Cape Town elections, an incredible result for a white woman.

Helen Zille is the leader of the DA Party (Democratic Alliance).

Her party won 748,404 votes in the 2006 Cape Town elections in South Africa and this month won 1,357,949 votes, an increase of around 55%, more than doubling the number. This from a fledgling party which was only formed in 1994.

The reason for her success is the parties record on "Service Delivery", more on this further down.

It must be stories like this, around the world, that should give some hope to our own smaller parties in the UK.
The figures for Cape Town are interesting.  These elections are based on both "forst past the post" and "Proportional Representation". People stand for different wards, and there is a party list depending on the share of the vote.

In percentage terms, the DA won 61% or 135 seats and the ANC won approximately half that at 33% or 73 seats.

The remaining 32 parties standing won 13 seats between them, all PR seats as noone else won directly fought wards.

If there are any lessons here, the major lesson for the ANC has to be that the DA fullfilled their election promises of 2006 and more coloured and black houses had running water and electricity than in the ANC strongholds. This is probably the main reason why the DA more than doubled its vote.

The other lesson is that, to become more effectual, the smaller parties should start to amalgamate as there is never more truth here than "united we stand, and divided we fall"

Naturally you will not hear anything about this tremendous result on British television, especially the BBC, is that fact that the DA leader, Helen Zille, is a white woman. Imagine the embarrassment of the BBC if South Africa ever has a white president in the future, where would be a mass suicide pact in Portland Place!

You can read more about this on the South African Political Website.

Looking at the National figure, I have lifted the following directly from the Political website meantioned earlier, womplete with a link to that page below.


Democratic Alliance growth in the 2011 Local Government Elections [With 95.8% of Voting Districts counted]

TABLE 1: National and Provincial Growth:

Nationally, the DA increased its vote in absolute terms and as a percentage, from 16.3 % [or 1 611 131 votes] in 2006, to 24.3 % [or at least 3 047 649 votes] in 2011. This represents growth of at least 89.2 % from 2006.

The DA was the only established party to grow in the 2011 elections. It grew nationally, provincially, and in every metro and municipality it contested. 

TABLE 2: Metros:

The DA increased its support in every metro both in percentage and in absolute terms.

It was the only established party to do this. In seven of the eight metros the DA garnered more support than it managed in 2009.

The DA won the City of Cape Town, increasing its percentage of the vote from 42 % in 2006 to 63 % in 2011.

TABLE 3: Councils where the DA Governs Outright:
In the 2011 elections the DA won thirteen municipalities outright, as well as four district councils, for a total of seventeen councils governed outright by the DA. They span three provinces, Gauteng, the Eastern Cape and the Western Cape.
You can read more about this on another page of the South African Political Website.

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