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11 Apr 2022

Some useful apps

I have a Note20 Ultra 5G 512gb mobile phoneAnd a Galaxy S8+ 256gb tablet. 
Both the above with extra memory cards - 400gb on the phone and 256gb on the tablet. 

When i talk about an app I will prefix the app name with P- if on my phone, and if it is an app I use on the tablet, I'll prefix the app name with T-  Occasionally I have tha same app on both, so then I'll start with B-

The phone is with me all the time but i keep the tablet at home under lock and key as it has my financial dealings and major political exchanges on. 

T-Procon mailI use this secure email program for all my financial dealings. It hasn't many bells and whistles but like all Swiss companies, it has a lot of security built in. I prefer to keep my tablet at home under lock and key. 

P-Fairemail I use this for normal email. It is a terrific program, on two levils. A basic email app on the lower levil which means you can start using it straight away as a basic email app. When you are used to it and get to know it, you find it can do everything all the other more technical apps can do. I run a business and keep all mail on a particular subject or person in a specific folder which is very handy at times. It also handle multiple email providers and I have many email accounts. 

B-Website shortcutA handy little utility app which allows me to set up an icon for a specific website of a company who haven't built an app. It doesn't sound very much but I use it extensively.

B-Zoho NotebookNow this is something else!!! I've used many notebooks in the past but none so easy and pleasant to use. Enter a note, a voice recorded note, a captured note with the camera, a todo list with tick boxes, a sketch note and a section to attach files. And you can you tie it in with zoho mail,

Then there's their 'SmartMail'. Save a recipe link and Notebook will automatically find the recipe photo and description, create a checklist for ingredients, and provide step-by-step cooking instructions. Find supported recipe websites here

Notebook also shows you a video preview for Youtube and Vimeo links, and starts playing it in a distraction-free space once you open it. The headline or page title, along with the main image, will appear front and centre when you share a link to Notebook.

T-Saleform Plus A build it yourself database, free if you dont want the relational database version. I use it for a description of whats in every cupboard and we must have over 50. I can find where anything in our home within three seconds flat. Also the membership database for a group I run is on this.

P-Our GroceriesA shopping app, allows us to have product lists for Tesco, Waitrose and Aldi, a West End South African food shop, our local Indian spice shop, Our local shop and the internet shop I use.  My wife also has the app geared to me and if I've gone shopping, she can add something she's just remembered, and when I get to the shop, it's in my app.

T-Whats on tbe  menuA great menu planner, now we are 82/79 respectively we like to make life simple, so we now have four separate weekly menus, and they are listed as A menu, B menu, C menu & D menu. We run them in consecutive weeks. 

I have 600 apps on my phone and approaching 400 on my tablet. I wrote an article on a great way to choose a new app. It's in Section 5 called "Articles about Technology", 

Finally, a little tip. If you have an old tablet, and you have updated to a more modern version - don't throw the old one away, it still has a use. You can buy a Bluetooth keyboard for around £25.00 with a slit along the top where you can slide your old tablet in, and "Hey Presto" You have a small notebook computer. All for a few pounds! This is where the Zoho Notebook comes in handy. I type on the keyboard/tablet and instantly it appears on my phone and my new tablet. This is extremely useful. 

5 Apr 2022

The Cashless Society

Is it a blessing or a curse? You decide, but the following may assist!

A little while ago, a guy donated $5 in Canada to a funding account for the truckers. His bank immediely froze his account and the only money he had was the cash in his wallet.

Now imagine if the Canadian government had already removed cash from circulation and we all had to use a national digital currency - and by then Bitcoin, Ethereum and the rest would have been banned in Canada? His cash account would have already been frozen, and by then there'll be no money "under the mattress" so to speak.

No money to buy food for his wife and children, no way to buy petrol to drive to the USA, he'd be well and truly shafted!

Both the British and American governments want to introduce this and no doubt it is being considered in many countries around the world.

I'd suggest buying gold but they will probably introduce a ten year prison sentence if you have any!

Well? A blessing or a curse? Have you decided yet. 


Life isn't always a bed or roses!

I have just moved my articles from WiX which places articles in the same area. I decided to build my own website so I could add my articles under headings - so readers could only read the subjects that interest them. I've already built on website which is live at A biggish website. Conversely, a small website for a cafe/bar in North London going live soon.

I charge for this work but all fees donated to a local non-profit. my address is