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Life is tough! My website, Ampers' Rants, was on Google Sites and I had over 200 articles on it. Google closed me down, without telling me. It must have been an article about CoVid-19. 
Anyway, the site is dead, long live the site! 


Learning to cook,.

The first time follow the recipe religiously – make copious notes after you have eaten and then make any changes based on taste.

Emily Hobhouse

SAS Emily Hobhouse named after the Englishwoman who tried so valiantly to help Boer women and children in British concentration camps.

Choosing a new app? Here's how!

A foolproof method of choosing the best app for the job. This week’s article isn’t long but could prove to be very useful.

The end is nigh, but the journey was fun!

Why should I give you Life Membership?" I said "It won't cost you anything and I heard it was a rough and tough negotiation." He laughed and

Are there alternatives to TV?

Get rid of your TV – just unplug the aerial and you can still use it for Netflix, YouTube, Ted or Prime Video. And not have to pay £158

Are some app writers greedy?

My advice? Don't rent if you can help it. An exception could be that you are in business and the app will save you more than the cost!

You CAN find a needle in a haystack!

If both people are moving, for example on a walk or on a march, the arrows on the map move as you and the other person moves!

Daddy General has the answer

Note: The system I am about to describe may reduce your filing system from a four drawer filing cabinet to a two drawer cabinet.

The Power of Words

It seems to me that people in our society say many things without thinking about how it affects others.

Saturday Morning Schools

We need to help our young prepare themselves for the world of work. In the fee paying public schools many have lessons on Saturday mornings.

Who are these mysterious White Rose people?

White Rose organisers don't keep a member list, they don’t ask you for your real name – nor any contact details - in case MI5 want them.


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