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A Boer in London

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Andrew loves to write

We moved (17th March 2022) from WiX blog holders, to our own website built on the Simdif engine. 

Andrew welcomes critism but, please, with the English spelling - bear in mind English is his third language.

Latest Article

"Growing old after a misspent youth".
This article is about how two apps have saved this 83 year old's failing memory. (see contents page under 'Latest Article') 

But he's bored silly at 82!

So Andrew started a social group to keep the anti-lockdown, anti-masks and anti-forced vaccine warriors together for when the covid 'PLANdemic' ceases! Its beginning to build up and annual membership is only a little more than a full latte at Costas or Starbucks.

Alas, it's North London only

There is a website at for people to find out about it. Membership,, as we mentioned above, is low and, as it is a non-profit, all profits are returned to members on a quarterly basis.

However, if you would like to start one yourself in your locale, he'd be happy to advise. When he was younger, about 50 years ago, he started up a network of 800 members, all over London. We never had less than 100 events every month. 

An alteration

We now meet for COFFEE at the:

Tally Ho pub,Ballards Lane, Lonfon N12

Every Monday 10:28sm to noon.