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I have been over zealous with political comment lately so have now accepted the offer to assemble and write for two blogs on the WatchingUK website. The "Good News" blog is for items where we have benefited from the Brexit referendum vote and the "Bad News" blog is where others have tried to damage our chances of leaving the EU.

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I am, or have been, what is known as a floating voter. In the past I have voted for the Conservatives, and also for the Labour Party. But, since 1973 I have been totally against both parties.

Over the last twenty years or so I have been very much a UKIP person. I was originally involved with Alan Sked's "Anti-Federalist League" which was an anti-EU movement. This became the UKIP and I gravitated towards it as a member.

Over a decade ago I ran the UKIP head office when it was in London's Regent Street.

However, I have a mind of my own and have been labelled by "sheeple" as a serial resigner as I have resigned from UKIP in the past five times.

Nobody can be sure how UKIP will turn out when they are eventually the government, and I suspect this will happen. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. One hopes this won't happen to UKIP but if they become the same as the other parties now that they've got us out of the EU, then my own objective of leaving the EU will have been accomplished so I'm not quite so worried.

However, that doesn't mean I am not sad that the Tories have taken control of the party through their people such as Hamilton, Carswell, Evans to name a few. In addition to those, it is evident that many on the UKIP NEC have been nobbled.

I have now resigned from UKIP for the last time as, at 77, find there are other things in life, than being tied to thinking along party lines, although unless something better comes along, I'll probably still vote for them.

I also have an interest in American and South African politics. In the USA I always admired the Libertarian, Dr Ron Paul. In South Africa, I would certainly be voting for the DA (Democratic Alliance) whose headquarters are based in the Western Cape. It doesn't necessarily mean I support Trump in the USA but do consider both Clintons extremely dishonest, corrupt and disgraceful.

My latest project is forming an organisation watching the present Tory Party like a hawk, creating a website to watch and follow every move they make at thwarting Brexit, and they are making many, latest being their Party Chairman stating Article50 will be invoked by GE2020 although the PM has insinuated that Article 50 will be triggered by April 2017!!!

Come and take a look?


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