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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Afrikaner Blood

The following video has won a prize, it is a little frightening and I have very mixed feelings.

I approve of Afrikaners keeping their language and culture alive against the continue onslaught on them by the ANC Government, but I do not approve of indoctrination of anyone, let alone the young.

I approve of Afrikaners learning to protect themselves - thousands of Afrikaans farmers have been slaughtered on their farms since 1994. But I do not approve of them seeing every "black" as the enemy. They're not. I have many black friends  both in Britain and South Africa, and they are all African, bright, and cheerful. There are good and bad in all races, and most Afrikaner friends I have, all over the world, will be a little disturbed over this - whilst at the same time approving of the parts that I approve of.

There are also many black groups firmly anti-white. Julius Malemo - the ex leader of the ANC Youth Movement hated the whites and still accuses them of all the ills of the Government who, incidentally, have been in power for seventeen years now.

You make up your own mind:



Henri Le Riche said...

Sadly this is the typical cheap journalism we got so used to. Under apartheid and still prevalent today. A handful of "rightwing" people, easily to "infiltrate", and to make news of. Easy to infiltrate? Well they are white, and the language they speak is understandable. Stuff cheap sensationalist journalism is made of. The journalists are white. The language they speak is similar to the group they made a video of.What's the chance of them "infiltrating" a black hate group supported by the SA government? Trying to understand a language they are not familiar with? Zero. And there are training camps for ANCYL members which makes the people in this video look like small fry. Why? If these journalists are worth their salt they will bring us answers. The truth is they won't as it's not so easy than this "Kommando Korps".

Like under apartheid the quality of these journalists goes for a handful of fruitcakes, leaving nearly 3 million boring Afrikaners out of the picture. Time and time again the sheeple watching these "documentaries" think all Afrikaners are like that. People like myself have to walk into a barrage of sometimes racist ignorance. You see, it's ok to be racist, towards people you are made to believe are "racists". If that is not racist in itself I don't know what is. And documentaries like these does only one thing. It enforce stereotypes because it's not a reflection on the majority of Afrikaners. But then again, ignorance sells. It sells newspapers and you make money.

Seems some journalists still want to make money and get admiration for old anti-apartheid journalistic tactics, while there are much bigger news stories that should get attention in SA.

My respect for the damage the guy in the video does to the Afrikaner's image is zero. And it's the same for the cheap sensationalist journalism. Maybe that's why they got on so well?

Andrew Ampers Taylor said...

Thanks, Henri, for such a good comment, and I have to say that I agree with everything you say. I was brought up in Stellie (Stellenbosch) and went to an Afrikaans boarding school in Wellie (Wellington) and know the majority of Afrikaners are great people, who you can rely on to help when help is needed, and who never talk behind your back. I was of Scots origin but my people prefered to live with the Afrikaners than the English. They still talked about Culloden :-)

I never really spoke English till I was thirteen.