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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Could this pretty but deadly woman be arrested if she came to Britain?

Our Olymoic shooting team are fobidden by our Police to train in Great Britain so they have to go to Northern Ireland to do so.

So where will the shooting matches for the Olympics take place?

The following was taken from a BBC website:
As a result, British shooters who compete in the rapid fire, 50m pistol men and 25m pistol women Olympic events can only train in Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or Isle of Man

If they take place in London in 2012, will the Police arrest all the different nationalities who take part? And if not, why is there one law for the British who have to train in Northern Ireland, and for visitors of this country who want to shoot in the London Olympics.

Are we all going to traipse over to Northern Ireland for the day?

Over to you, Constable Plod.


Rightwinggit said...

I've got medals for pistol shooting, including heavy calibre...

Don't get me started...

Ampers Taylor said...

I once owned, on ticket, a Walther .22 rifle with 8x sights and a silencer. Got the silencer by telling Gomaz (the guy issuing tickets) that it was a Parker Hale Sound Moderator, so he passed it!

Had a ,22 Walther Sport with 8" barrel, and the gunshop have me a screw thread attachment so the "sound moderator" could go on it, but I never bothered to use it on the pistol.

Also owned a Baby Browning, a Walther PPK 9mm short pistol, and a S&W .38 revolver.